The model

Our way of working builds on the cornerstones of consulting, research and innovation. The combination of these puts us in a position where we always offer the best possible capability, competence and solution.

Through our experience working with projects for leading actors on the market, we understand what is required to create value – and use this knowledge to trigger our research and innovation.

By participating in research projects, we develop and validate innovative concepts, keeping us at the forefront of the latest technologies. In turn, research generates new valuable solutions for our clients and gives us unique cutting-edge competence.

We innovate close together with our clients, creating long-term value through disruptive products and processes. We provide new solutions to improve the world.


We have experience from multiple industries and global projects. Our way of work in consulting assignments are driven by curiosity and readiness to adapt to the situation – all with the objective to find the most valuable solution for our clients.

We have several models for deploying our experts in assignments:

  • Solution Projects

    The client specifies the deliverables and challenges, our experts create the solutions in-house or together with the client.

  • Expert Consulting

    Our experts provide new knowledge to the client´s processes and products, for example by tests in our lab, together with the client in the field, research projects or other assignments.

  • Expert Resourcing

    Our experts are integrated in the client’s organization, often in long-term strategically important projects.


An important part of our way of work is to participate in research projects. This could be public research projects, such as EU or nationally funded industrial sector programs combining the industry and the academia, or it can be research projects from clients.

Our goal with participation in research projects is to ensure that we stay at the forefront of technology, are challenged to build new knowledge and to enable efficient recruiting of new experts. Roughly 15-20% of our creativity are assigned to research projects.

Public research – We have participated in public research programs within the
aerospace and automotive industries ever since the company was started.

  • The ECO2 Centre for Vehicle Design
  • Swedish Innovation Agency
  • Horizon 2020 FP7
  • KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Client research – We are often assigned as external resource for feasibility studies or research projects, often in experimental “skunk work” or creative “innovation garage” models. We can provide a faster and more cost-efficient environment than large internal R&D organizations. We can also act as integral experts providing high-level strategical knowledge and advice.


We strive to create new value by innovations in acoustics, fluid dynamics and smart structures with a focus on cross-disciplinary problems. We innovate by ourselves or in co-creation with clients and industrial partners. And, we do it because it is challenging and fun!

The goal is to create IPR that can be brought to demonstrator or proof-of-concept level. We then look for industrial partners to commercialize our innovations.

Our work has generated many new innovations, for example systems for improved
truck aerodynamics, active noise control algorithms, metamaterials for tonal noise dampening and acousto-ultrasonic tomography for non-destructive testing.

The lab

Our laboratory in Linköping allows us to test new concepts quickly with low overhead costs. Here, we perform acoustic measurements for our clients, develop and test innovations related to active noise control, non-destructive testing, embedded sensors, acoustic mufflers and so on.