Active Sound Management in Cars

We are combining consulting, research and innovation works to develop state-of-the-art active noise control solutions for car cockpits.

Our experience with active noise control (ANC) dates from 20 years ago, when some of our employees participated in the development of the first active noise control systems to be tested on open-rotor aircrafts. Nowadays, we have a team working actively with a major car OEM on tailored noise control solutions for the European and Chinese markets. Our unique process combines our knowledge in automotive acoustics and control algorithms to design and develop vehicle-specific solutions. ANC solutions are particularly interesting in recent vehicles since they can come as a complement or replacement of otherwise heavy passive solutions.
We work intensively in internal development and participate in research projects to keep our algorithms and methods up to date with the recent advancements in the field. Our patented methods to optimize the performance of the ANC installations leverage our experience from both automobile and aeronautics applications.