Faurecia today announces it has acquired a majority stake in the Swedish company Creo Dynamics, Linköping, Sweden.

Faurecia, with headquarters in Nanterre, France, is one of the leading technology suppliers to the global automotive industry, with offerings within automotive interiors, electronics, seating and clean mobility. The group has more than 122,000 employees in 37 countries globally, and annual sales of 17,5 billion EUR (2018).

Faurecia Creo is a consulting and innovation company active within acoustics, fluid dynamics and smart structures, active on the global market within the automotive, aerospace and other industries.

Urban Emborg, one of the founders of Creo Dynamics; “Creo Dynamics has, among other capabilities, more than 20 years of experience in active noise control systems and acoustic simulations for aircraft and vehicles. This technology is now more and more applied within the automotive industry, driven by the rapid development of new electrical and autonomous vehicles. It’s a very interesting field for Creo Dynamics.”

Yann Brillat-Savarin, Executive Vice-President Group Strategy at Faurecia: “Creo Dynamics’s unique technologies will contribute to position Faurecia Clarion Electronics, our newly created Business Group, as a full acoustic system provider delivering optimized sound performance, personalized comfort and lower-weight. Using both active and passive solutions, we will transform the user experience inside the cockpit by providing a truly immersive sound.”

Magnus Titus, CEO of Faurecia Creo comments: “The interest shown by Faurecia is a strong signal that Creo Dynamics has built up world-class capabilities. Combining our competence in automotive acoustics and Active Noise Control with Faurecia will bring unique new solutions to the market. I believe we are a perfect match!”

David Weill, Vice-President Marketing & Business Development at Faurecia Interiors, adds “Since our joint demonstrator with Creo Dynamics at the CES Las Vegas, where we showcased a headrest delivering a personalized sound zone to enhance the comfort and privacy, the customer response has been massive. The sound zone was achieved by using Creo Dynamics’s technology for virtual microphones combined with unique Active Noise Control algorithms in the headrest’s sound system. We see potential for strong and rapid business development, especially in the context of shared mobility”.

Creo Dynamics will change name to Faurecia Creo and continue as a separate business unit within Faurecia, supporting the existing client base, as well as acting as an Innovation Hub supporting Faurecia in new offerings within acoustics, fluid dynamics and smart structures.



Faurecia Creo AB, founded in 2010 in Linköping, Sweden, is a Consulting & Innovation company active as experts in the fields of acoustics, fluid dynamics and smart materials. The company’s global clients can be found within automotive, aerospace as well as other industries.