The rapid development of electrical, hybrid and autonomous vehicles brings the need to redefine the soundscapes in a vehicle – We at Creo Dynamics are busy with these future technologies.

The design of these new vehicles requires new acoustic tools such as Sound-shaping, the 2nd generation Active Noise Control systems for road and engine noise (in hybrids), Sound Bubbles etc.. This is where the heritage and expertise of Creo Dynamics comes into the picture!

One brilliant example – Creo’s Senior Project Manager Dr. Christophe Mattei presented last week a paper at the SIA’s (Societe des Ingenieurs de L’Automobile) conference “Automotive NVH Comfort – Quietness Mobility in the Future” in Le Mans, France. The paper has been developed in collaboration with Faurecia’s Jean-Francois Rondeau and is on the optimization of Active Noise Control or Sound Shaping systems based on the concept of “spatial matching”. This means that the ANC system actively listens to the acoustic environment in the cockpit, adapting the ANC system to the number of passengers etc.. This is a new approach and a prerequisite for enabling new development, for example personalized sound zones etc, in the vehicles of the future.

Another ground-breaking technology from the team at Creo Dynamics!

Interested in the technical aspects? Read the full contribution here. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you want to learn more.